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Design Build

Net Zero Engineering partners with construction contractors on design-build projects to provide on-site and virtual design-build engineering support.

Expertise in 3D scanning

We utilize our expertise in 3D scanning to collect existing design criteria and seamlessly integrate with virtual design software to provide engineered designs and sealed drawings.

With a design-build project design, the design and build steps are performed by the same team, under the same contract, making for a faster, more efficient workflow.

We supply design-build support for:

  • 3D scanning
  • HVAC & Refrigeration

  • Hydronics and Plumbing Design

  • Fire Protection / Suppression

  • Steam Systems and Conveyance

  • Boiler Plants

  • Chiller Plants

  • Energy and Heat Recovery Centers

  • District Energy and Conveyance

  • Piping design
  • Pipe support design
  • Pipe isometric drawings
  • Seismic engineering equipment, piping, ducting, conduit, and plumbing
  • Routing
  • Stress analysis
  • 3D installation details
  • Construction support
  • Field Reviews

Our scan-to-BIM workflow is very efficient and allows for maximum personnel safety and social distancing. The ability to digitally scan a structure and create a 3D model without manual measuring reduces the number of personnel required on-site, and additionally reduces the potential for human error in surveying a structure.