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3 Point Cloud Scanning

Utilizing our FARO s70 3d laser scanner, we are able to quickly and accurately gather existing site data.

Renovation projects and permit engineering

We leverage this data to model components that can be shop fabricated and installed easily, without the need for additional onsite fabrication.

3D point cloud scanning is especially useful for renovation projects and permit engineering on existing spaces where no schematic drawings are available. Net Zero engineering can scan the site, create an accurate 3D model based on the resulting point cloud, and extract accurate drawings of the site — no invasive techniques or human measuring required.

Digital scanning techniques are also useful for engineering in cases where a piping system needs to be updated to meet current regulatory code requirements, client process requirements, or simply needs to be replaced in kind. With the measurements taken via 3D point cloud scanning, Net Zero can provide the dimensions needed to shop fabricate pipe spools off-site that can be fitted into place with the existing system, avoiding the need for on-site spool fabrication and welding.