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3D Scanning / Scan to BIM

Successful integration of new designs into existing sites requires special expertise — expertise that you can count on Net Zero to deliver.

Extreme Detail

Utilizing high density 3D point cloud scanning we are able to capture existing site conditions in extreme detail, which then allows us to pinpoint areas that need to be retooled to meet permit requirements.

Accurate, better oversight & safety

We use state-of-the-art virtual design software and workflows to create detailed engineering design solutions.

3D point cloud measurement data is far more accurate than traditional methods, and this improved accuracy allows us to create pipe construction drawings based on 3D scans that do not require site checking prior to spool manufacture. Minimizing the need for site checking reduces the number of site personnel required at a given time, allowing for greater site safety and better oversight. These shop-fabricated pipe spools can then be easily installed on site.